two pina coladas (whatdoineed) wrote,
two pina coladas

I'm probably weird, but ...

have any of you ever forgotten you were naked? I do on a fairly regular basis ...

take today, for example ... I was cleaning my room ... halfway through, I sorted my laundry for cleaning ... and I decided what I was wearing aught to be washed as well ... so I took it off and put it in the various bags ... and then I finished cleaning my room ... and then I got distracted by something online ... and then I grabbed my bags, opened my door, stepped out into the hallway, turned around and went back into my room to put some clothes on. *laughs* unfortunately, nobody saw me ... maybe next time *grins*

oh, and questions I have gotten in my poll that have yet to be responded to (well - there's only one new one .. but we can try it out!) ...

lautsprecher - I doubt I would regret it ... but seeing as how we've never met in real life ... I doubt it will happen
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