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12:53am 17/10/2004
  So - who missed me? (I'm going to try and actually update for awhile. Wouldn't that be fabulous?  
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03:28am 23/11/2003
  he still holds my head when he hugs me ...

but he's moving to Ireland

(how sad is that?)
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01:57pm 16/10/2003
mood: accomplished
I have decided to stop pretending.
My whole life, my hair has been auburn, verging on being a redhead.
For some reason I have hated the idea of being a redhead, so I've always called it auburn. This summer, my hair lightened ... and it is definately red.
I've been in denial for a few months, but I've decided to accept it.

I am a redhead

(and yes - the carpet matches the curtains.)
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03:44pm 07/10/2003
  I feel so guilty! I got out of the LJ mode last spring when I had mono, so I couldn't post much ... and now I'm back, and I should be posting more, but I haven't been.

I will post more soon - not to fear - I had half a semester, and a summer that you all are not caught up on!
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10:16am 08/09/2003
  random poll time
just because I'm curious

How many people have you had sex with?

How many people have you had oral sex with?

How many people have you had any other kind of sex with?

What kind of sex would that be?

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what i discovered   
10:27pm 01/09/2003
  is that I need a bit of help - and since most everyone seems to be very knowledgable about this sort of thing, do tell me - what are the best ways to give a handjob and make it extra interesting?

See - I always make it interesting by adding my mouth ... but I spent some time over the summer with this guy who really got off on getting a full-out handjob. I did it - a lot - but I just didn't feel that I was as good at those as I am at other things ... I found it hard to put variety in it, I guess I could say.

Don't get me wrong! That isn't all we did - it's just something he especially liked, so we did it more often than we would normally. ;-)

so I've taken it upon myself to learn how to do them more interestingly.
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10:39pm 30/08/2003
  alright - so I was about to come back to Live Journal, and I get home for summer vacation, and sudden havoc. My parents decide to remodel, so there is no internet access (except for 5 minutes at a time, stolen, at the library, or a friend's house) ... and now I am back.

So much has happened ... I don't even know where to start!

perhaps I will just start over right now, and not relive the past ages - I know I'd forget all the important stuff that happened ...

oh, and there are so many people on my friend's list who I don't know, or who I don't know if they know me, so please do tell me ...

Do you want to remain on my friend's list?

hell yes

if you want to remain on, great! There are some people who will remain on regardless of answer ... and everyone else, I just want to know!
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08:24pm 04/03/2003
  I'm alive - don't worry - been super busy - slightly sick - gonna be back soon  
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the date   
05:44pm 02/02/2003
  well - that was an interesting night Friday night

I show up at his house, and he's making spaghetti with metaballs (and he's gotten some fabulous red wine that went really well with it). He's Italian - and he said it was his great grandmother's meatball recipie. It was absolutely fabulous. We talked, and talked over dinner - we really clicked, which was great. At one point I mentioned his lack of roommates, and he blushed (which was adorable and a half), and said that they had all decided to so other stuff for the night. We took forever to eat, because we were talking and laughing so much. Afterwards, I insisted on helping him with the dishes, "to save time," but we actually ended up acting like middleschoolers and splashing each other/tickling each other/basically taking 5 times as long as we usually would to do the dishes. So far it was turning out to be a great date

We then moved to the TV room to pick out a movie - and we picked out signs. I was in the mood for a scary movie, and neither of us had seen it before (it was one of his housemates'), so it seemed perfect. It was about 12:30, and we were halfway through the previews when Naz (his housemate) came home absolutely drunk, supported by a not as drunk girl. He appologized again and again for coming home so early - the girl said that he was too drunk to get himself home, so she had insisted on walking him home. She says she can take care of him, and brings him back toward the bathroom/bedrooms section of the house. While we were watching the movie, his hand slipped under my shirt and rested on my stomach - which gave me tingles - almost as many tingles as I got that first time he hugged me, when he cupped my head as hugged me.

Signs was an amazing movie. I don't get scared at movies - I really just don't - but this one ... well ... there is an exception to every rule. I have never been as scared at a movie as I was at this one. He was scared too - I'm sure - although he wouldn't admit it.

After the movie was over, we went back to check on Naz, wake him up once more to make sure he was doing ok, force him to turn back to sleeping on his side). The girl who had brought him home had fallen asleep on Naz's chair - which was quite cute - apparently she's his almost girlfriend ...

Anyway - then we went back to the couch-room ... he poured us both glasses of wine ... and we just sat down to talk, somewhat cuddled into each other on the couch. Again, we just talked - about the coming war, religion, books, movies, friends, life, future career goals ... it was great. At one point in the conversation, he leaned over and kissed me - just once - but wow. He kept doing that randomly during the conversation. The way I was sitting, he just had to lean down to kiss me, but I'd have to disentangle myself, lean up, and probably end up spilling my wine in order to initiate a kiss myself, so it just stayed at him randomly giving me just one kiss ... every few minutes or so. My god it was torture! We finished off the bottle of wine, and just kept talking wll into the morning, well past sunrise ... and then, all of a sudden, I woke up. We had both fallen asleep there on the couch - him sitting up, me with my head on his chest, somewhat sideways on the couch ...


My moving around as I woke up woke him up as well, and he kissed me again (either the boy had no morning breath, or mine was masking his, but I coouldn't smell/taste anything bad there), I got up, we ate lunch, we kissed for awhile, and I went home.


what am I doing? again, I must protest against my feelings - I'm not the sort of girl who feels like this about boys! I don't get this attached this quickly - that's how all my friends end up hurt, is they get attached fast!

well - I'll probably see him again tonight, just because

we'll see what happens
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my friends and I went to the bars last night ...   
09:04am 31/01/2003
  (we went to some of the ones that aren't full bars, because I wanted to come. 3 months and 1 day until I'm 21) ... and I can definitively say that he still cups my head when he hugs me - and he definately held me for longer than a friend would. WHY AM I GETTING ALL GOOSHY ABOUT A BOY? *sigh* He and his friends were just leaving for another bar when we showed up. He almost stayed with us, because he wanted to "catch up" with me, but his friends were antsy, so I made him stay with them. We have a date for tonight. I'm going over to his house (he lives off campus), and he's cooking dinner, we're watching movies, and we're catching up.

mmmmm - you know, I've never gotten this excited about a date before - true, I'm always happy, but right now I'm acting like a damn giddy highschool girl or something.

well anyway - today is hectic, so I probably won't post, until much later, but tune in tomorrow to see how the date went.
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01:46am 29/01/2003
  so I've gotten into a few strange discussions lately, with people who think strange things about me, and I figured I'd ask ...

so tell me what you think, because I'm actualy morbidly curious

What do you think I, Lonnie, really am?

a 12 year old male just reaching puberty with an overactive immagination
a 52 year old male with an overactive libido
a 17 year old catholic school girl exporing her *darker side*
exactly who I say I am
a 42 year old ex stripper trying to recapture her youth
a college girl who can't get any, so I'm living vicariously through my journal
almost exactly who I portray myself to be, but I probably leave out more of the mundane details in this journal
an 18 year old German prince who has never seen real people and wants to try something new
a 12 year old girl who just reached puberty and is realizing the power a woman can have over men
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03:51pm 28/01/2003
mood: horny as hell
wow, I have been massively ignoring my journal - I'm sorry! It's been too hectic around here to even have a chance to think. You know what they say - only good girls keep journals. The bad girls don't have time. ;-)

Anyway - hopefully things will calm down sometime soon so that I have time to write a decent entry!

love to all! *mwah!
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05:19pm 17/01/2003

I need that shirt!

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08:24pm 11/01/2003
  who missed me?

(I'm back)
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Food Inuendo Guy - Adam Sandler   
11:14am 30/12/2002
mood: frisky
dedicated to timidkitten
(I guess for this entry you have to pretend I'm wearing a strap on or something ... but it really reminded me of you, so here you go!)

Baby,baby,baby I wanna stew your tomato
Baby,baby,baby I wanna french fry your potato
Baby,baby,baby why don't you pluck my grapes
why don't you peel my banana like a pack of wild apes

I'm your food innuendo guy
your food innuendo guy
Baby,baby,baby you got honeydew melons
Baby,baby,baby can you see my broccoli swelling
Baby,baby,baby I wanna taste your watercress
I wanna slide my celery stick up the back of your dress

I'm your food innuendo guy
your food innuendo guy

What's wrong baby?
please don't go
You'll miss my carrot cake
and my cream of mushroom
Baby,baby,baby my jalapeno's red hot
I wanna stuff all of the cabbage you've got

I'm your food innuendo guy
your food innuendo guy(solo)
Baby,baby,baby you got eggplant parmigiana
Baby,baby,baby bite my zucchini if you wanna
I got fresh fruit salad, don't get it from no can
Your string bean days are over, I'm your cucumber man

I'm your food innuendo guy
your food innuendo guuuuuuuuuuy
So tasty!
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02:52am 21/12/2002
  I never let you all know that I'm home safe and sound, did I?

I'm going away tomorrow with my family

I'll be back in a week

dream of me

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06:17pm 17/12/2002
  he cups my head when he hugs me
what does that mean?
I've never seen him hug anyone else ...
so I don't know if that's just me

what am I doing?
I am Lonnie!
I don't get confused about boys
I fuck them!!!

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I'm probably weird, but ...   
09:19pm 15/12/2002
  have any of you ever forgotten you were naked? I do on a fairly regular basis ...

take today, for example ... I was cleaning my room ... halfway through, I sorted my laundry for cleaning ... and I decided what I was wearing aught to be washed as well ... so I took it off and put it in the various bags ... and then I finished cleaning my room ... and then I got distracted by something online ... and then I grabbed my bags, opened my door, stepped out into the hallway, turned around and went back into my room to put some clothes on. *laughs* unfortunately, nobody saw me ... maybe next time *grins*

oh, and questions I have gotten in my poll that have yet to be responded to (well - there's only one new one .. but we can try it out!) ...

lautsprecher - I doubt I would regret it ... but seeing as how we've never met in real life ... I doubt it will happen
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your questions answered!   
10:28pm 13/12/2002
  if you don't remember what question you asked, just ask - and I'll remind you!

pi314 - two ... three ... four ... mmm - your whole fist - oh baby yes!

lostinlust - they are fabulous! Diseases are a bad thing - and a very scary reality in modern times - I don't have any, and I plan on keeping it that way!

dearheart - 10 - Bobby - he was in my class, and very very cool - we ended up going out in sixth grade, and we would sit next to each other at lunch and giggle

it was dreadfully hoaky, now that I look back on it.
mrspankalicious - double penetration, baby! or I love being on top - towering over him ... or giving oral sex - to either gender ... or getting it ... mmm ... I don't think i can pick onen favorite - although i do much prefer getting oral sex from a woman than a man -

lwoodbloo - I doubt it - they'd probably beat the crap out of my band

lifeofapenis - yes - and it's an amazing experince - seeing your fist swallowed by someone - or feeling that amazing pleasure/pain that comes with being that full ... mmm

andromeda25 - be a librarian

kaka - probably not - I'd have to know you at least somewhat first

goofy2002 - I actually really enjoy missionary

primallayne - I was twelve - his name was George - my first kiss as well!

ilovemycock - The most I have done in one day was 15 - that was pretty amazing ... mmm ..
and no - because I am not comfortable giving my phone number out, nor am I comfortable with calling someone

It isn't too late! You can still ask questions! go!
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Some very random randomness   
10:32pm 12/12/2002
  One red hen

and a couple of ducks

three bown bears

four running hares

five fat felines

six sexy siamese sailors solemnly sailing the seven seas

seven nymphlike nudes nimbly nibbling nat's knuckles and cigarette butts

eight sheets I slit I slit eight sheets and slept between the slitted sheets

nine I am not a fig plucker, nor am I the fig plucker's son, but I will pluck figs until the fig plucker's son comes

ten - chuck you farley! You ain't so mucking fuch! Why don't you go into your own jack yard and back off?
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